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My Journey to Discovering My True Self

I was recently approached about writing a story for a book of stories about perseverance. I am honored and submitting a story for this book. This will be the first time my writing is being published and has inspired me to being writing my own book as well. I want to share my story that will be published with you all. I have missed connecting with you all on my blog, but don't worry I am back and feeling inspired to write.

My Story:

     Do you ever find yourself hurting so much that you don't know what to do with yourself?  I have felt this way one too many times through out my life.  This pain gave me a longing and a craving for change.  It started for me when I was twelve years old; my very first boyfriend hit me and left bruises on me.  He was angry all of the time and I was his punching bag.  I began to starve myself to change the way I looked, and in turn gave me a false confidence.  This drastic weight loss and attitude adjustment gave me a euphoric sense of newness that…