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I am a Warrior, You are a Warrior, We are Warriors!!!

When I think of a warrior I picture a person in full battle armor but they have noticeable scars on their arms, legs and perhaps even one spread across their right or left cheek.  They are standing at attention on guard ready to defend; they don't let those scars scare them or deter them from moving forward. Those scars are just reminders of the battle wounds they healed from and they are motivation for forward motion to defeat whatever is trying to bring them down. 
     When I picture everyday warriors I think of sexual assault survivors.  They were once vulnerable and not so ready for the sneak attack, they weren't prepared to defend themselves.  They weren't prepared because most of their attackers were imposters that infiltrated their lives. These imposters usually have good looks, they are charming and say all of the right things. They play on your vulnerabilities, they are patient, watchful, and then one day they plan their sneak attack.  It's sad to say t…