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Hitting Bottom

It seems that our human nature is to let ourselves hit bottom before we long for something better.  Something clicks in our minds that flips a switch and we decide that a change is necessary.  We all of a sudden become determined to make our bad situation better.  I know for me that I have done this through out my life.  In unhealthy relationships I would have to hit an emotional bottom and then I would end it.  Every unhealthy relationship would bring me to my bottom in different lengths of time; some took as little as a few weeks, and some took years.  My bottom would start with me finally looking at myself in the hypothetical mirror, and that would in turn cause me to channel in my feelings.    I would look at the way I was living my life, they way I saw myself and I would turn away from that mirror hating myself and my life.  Here I was bathing in self loathing and hating everything about myself so I would try to make myself feel better. I would pick one positive thing in my …