I am a Lovable, Confident Woman who is Finally Free

I, Lisa Kelly am a lovable, confident woman who is finally free! This is such a bold statement despite the constant toxic thoughts that run through my head. Let me tell you a little story of why I am trying to live by these words... Lovable, Confident, and Free. This is something that I strive to feel about myself every day.
    My husband and I attended a Lifelines Relationship Program this past weekend. It was from Thursday through Sunday and it was the most intense yet rewarding program that I have ever attended. I learned a lot about myself this past weekend through this program. It was emotionally, physically and spiritually draining but it forced me to look into the mirror and identify the things in my life that have hurt me the most. Through this program it also showed me what life could look like if I get through these things. I can feel lovable, be confident in my marriage and be free from my past.
     Let's start with the word 'Lovable' this word carries a…

Finally Free to Be Me

I haven't posted in a long time but I have a guest writer for you today. She wrote her story "There's Always Hope" please go back in my posts and reread it. My sister Laura has been soul searching recently and God has put it on her heart to find her voice again. A voice that was stolen by someone 13 years ago. Well now here is her letter to this someone and now he holds no more power over her and she is finally.... free to be herself again. Keep healing Laura! We hope that this inspires you to find your voice!  If you read this and would like to contact her privately then please feel free to email her at

A letter to the one who tries to destroy me,
     It’s 4 am and I pick up my phone to check the time. I see an odd notification from Facebook Messenger. I decide to check it out and there it is a message from you. I hadn’t heard from you in about 4 or 5 years. I thought I was finally free from you. All you had to say was “Hey. What’s up?” …

I am a Warrior, You are a Warrior, We are Warriors!!!

When I think of a warrior I picture a person in full battle armor but they have noticeable scars on their arms, legs and perhaps even one spread across their right or left cheek.  They are standing at attention on guard ready to defend; they don't let those scars scare them or deter them from moving forward. Those scars are just reminders of the battle wounds they healed from and they are motivation for forward motion to defeat whatever is trying to bring them down. 
     When I picture everyday warriors I think of sexual assault survivors.  They were once vulnerable and not so ready for the sneak attack, they weren't prepared to defend themselves.  They weren't prepared because most of their attackers were imposters that infiltrated their lives. These imposters usually have good looks, they are charming and say all of the right things. They play on your vulnerabilities, they are patient, watchful, and then one day they plan their sneak attack.  It's sad to say t…

Live Brave, Not Safe

I haven't written in a long time; but God has lit a spark in my heart for writing especially right before Sexual Assault Month.  April is right around the corner and I want to write and encourage you live brave. I want to share a little story with you.
     I haven't been to church in a long time by long time I would say it's been a few months. This past Saturday my husband and I finally made it. I was so excited and I had a really strong desire in my heart to be there. I am so happy that we were there. We had a guest Pastor as we sometimes do and his name is Pastor Oscar Muriu and he is from Kenya.  God has gifted him with a beautiful way of telling God's truth; His words are from the Holy Spirit and they cut right into your soul. This Saturday the sermon was titled, "Live Brave, Not Safe".  He posed a question that was like a dagger in heart. He asked, "What you are living for worth Christ dying on the cross for?". Whew that gives me chills and I …

RePost: My Story; My Love Letter to my 16yr Old Self

I wanted to reshare this story with everyone! In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2014; please read and share. Sharing this post was the hardest thing for me to do, it's still hard to look at where I was as a 16yr old in such a dark and hopeless place.  Rape is real and it happens way too often. I want to use this story to encourage those of you out there living in the darkness that was so real in my life for so long.  Don't be silent any longer, share your story and do it in a safe place. You are more than welcome to share on my blog; this is a safe place and the followers here are always encouraging. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing your story for your own personal healing. It's scary at first and you may remain anonymous if you would like to. Submit your story to

 Dear 16 yr old Lisa,

I know that you are scared and confused right now. You were just raped, you are feeling physical and emotional pain you don't…

Hitting Bottom

It seems that our human nature is to let ourselves hit bottom before we long for something better.  Something clicks in our minds that flips a switch and we decide that a change is necessary.  We all of a sudden become determined to make our bad situation better.  I know for me that I have done this through out my life.  In unhealthy relationships I would have to hit an emotional bottom and then I would end it.  Every unhealthy relationship would bring me to my bottom in different lengths of time; some took as little as a few weeks, and some took years.  My bottom would start with me finally looking at myself in the hypothetical mirror, and that would in turn cause me to channel in my feelings.    I would look at the way I was living my life, they way I saw myself and I would turn away from that mirror hating myself and my life.  Here I was bathing in self loathing and hating everything about myself so I would try to make myself feel better. I would pick one positive thing in my …

My Journey to Discovering My True Self

I was recently approached about writing a story for a book of stories about perseverance. I am honored and submitting a story for this book. This will be the first time my writing is being published and has inspired me to being writing my own book as well. I want to share my story that will be published with you all. I have missed connecting with you all on my blog, but don't worry I am back and feeling inspired to write.

My Story:

     Do you ever find yourself hurting so much that you don't know what to do with yourself?  I have felt this way one too many times through out my life.  This pain gave me a longing and a craving for change.  It started for me when I was twelve years old; my very first boyfriend hit me and left bruises on me.  He was angry all of the time and I was his punching bag.  I began to starve myself to change the way I looked, and in turn gave me a false confidence.  This drastic weight loss and attitude adjustment gave me a euphoric sense of newness that…