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Dear God, Sometimes You Leave Me Speechless

 Over the past couple of years my life has done a spiritual 180 and my healing from being raped has been on the path to recovery and redemption.  I couldn't have done this without my faith, God has made me so much of a stronger person.  I can't put into words what has been going on and when God has me speechless I stop pray, meditate, and write. I am going to share with you the letter that I wrote to God about how He has changed my life. So please read and take in this letter. It's so personal so real to me and I pray that something in this letter speaks to your heart. 

Dear God,

    I just re read the letter that you wrote with me to my broken 16 yr old self.  You showed me where you were throughout my life.  I want to thank you for the unique way you have showed me your presence.  Our new dance has been beautiful and one I will never forget. You wrapped me in your arms of comfort, you lead me in the box step of redemption. You twirled me around in your love, lifted me up t…