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Hope Will Be My Freedom

Hope was the message God wanted to tattoo on my heart and soul on week two of my class.  Before our class we saw a speaker from the A21 Campaign, named Bianca.  For those of you who don't know who the A21 Campaign is; they are a group of Holy Spirit empowered women trying to end Human Trafficking.  This beautifully spirit filled woman spread God's message of hope that lit a fire in my heart for change.  God used her to tell me what I need to do to reach my goal and it's simple, "Put my Hope in God"!  He is bigger than me, bigger than my fears,  bigger than the lies I tell myself, bigger than my challenges, and He is most definitely bigger than my "Comfort Bubble of Dysfunction" that I so often like to stay in.  He is so BIG that my issues look like a tiny grain of sand next to the whole universe wrapped into a tight ball.  That is how BIG my God is!  He is so much bigger than my issues so why wouldn't I put my hope in God? The God that promises…

It Still Hurts to Talk About....

In my recent healing and spiritual  journey over the past couple of years to better myself and learn how to love myself again I have learned so much.   In seeking God he has shown me my new identity but He has put a new challenge in my life. There is a group at my church that I signed up for called the "Genesis Process", it's a group of 5 women and we go through our lives from the beginning. We are going to learn how the experiences in our lives have changed us and taught our brain how to react to life. We are going to see how our fear and pain has taught us bad habits and show us why we may react in negative and unhealthy ways in our relationships especially when we get triggered by something painful in our past. I am excited but nervous especially after our first meeting. We all met and introduced ourselves and shared our stories and just talked to each other about what we hoped to get out of this process and healing journey.  After sharing my story with these beauti…

It Happens to Men Too! Tony's Story

Over this short period of time God has introduced many people into my life. As my husband and I began to lead a class at our church we met Tony. He shared his story and he is a survivor of sexual abuse. I was inspired by his bravery and honored that he is letting me share his story with all of you!  Please see read his story and send him some encouraging words. He also has two blogs so please support him and follow him on his blogs, let's show our support for a brave survivor!

Here is his story written by him.
  It's amazing how things happen in your life at a specific time. Some people call these instances circumstance, but I call them God moments.
Some time ago, I knew I would share this part of my past one day. I had envisioned that it would be one-on-one with someone that I would have known  for a long time and that I could trust with this dark event from my past. I had never thought that God…