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RePost: My Story; My Love Letter to my 16yr Old Self

I wanted to reshare this story with everyone! In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2014; please read and share. Sharing this post was the hardest thing for me to do, it's still hard to look at where I was as a 16yr old in such a dark and hopeless place.  Rape is real and it happens way too often. I want to use this story to encourage those of you out there living in the darkness that was so real in my life for so long.  Don't be silent any longer, share your story and do it in a safe place. You are more than welcome to share on my blog; this is a safe place and the followers here are always encouraging. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing your story for your own personal healing. It's scary at first and you may remain anonymous if you would like to. Submit your story to

 Dear 16 yr old Lisa,

I know that you are scared and confused right now. You were just raped, you are feeling physical and emotional pain you don't…