A Little Encouragement...

Psalm 147:3, "He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds." 

   I really wanted to share this verse with all of you who read this and are going through your own brokenness. Some days I feel lower than low and my negative thoughts about myself overcome me and leave me paralyzed. I deal with depression from time to time and before I really started dealing with my past and I stopped drinking I went to food. I gained some unwanted weight and I feel down about it sometimes. I never had a problem with my weight before, and that was because I was always walking to all of the bars to drink my lunch or dinner. I never had a healthy lifestyle in my adult life and my husband and I are working to change that. It's tough but I am motivated, and sometimes I am not because my broken heart  and negative thoughts over take me. 
    When I finally go to God he reminds me of what I am doing for Him and what He is doing for me.  He shows me the bigger picture, that I am doing something bigger than I am with this blog. It's not all about me... I am doing this blog to help others heal by sharing their stories and just being honest with you about my journey and how God has helped me heal. In turn God delivers when I was having a really down day recently, I received an email from someone thanking me for my blogs and encouraging me to keep going. I love that other survivors are reaching out to me because I just want to reach out to others! Survivors we aren't alone and I want to encourage you to keep speaking out. As scary as it is to speak out and talk or write about what you have been through it helps and it is healing. I was so terrified when I first published my first post and sent it out for everyone to see. One thing that amazed me was the support from so many readers and fellow survivors. God is using community on this blog to help each other heal. So please keep emailing me and those of you who want to get your story out there I want to help, and encourage you.  I also want to remind each of you who are broken that you are a SURVIVOR too!! We all have brokenness we would like to overcome and be healed from.  So break your silence bring what's in the dark out into the light because God will heal your wounds! 

Always remember you are,


**For those of you who would like to share your stories but don't know how, please email me at 4hopeandhealing@gmail.com. I would be honored to share your story on my blog for you!


  1. Wow you are such an inspiration. Seems like we both have the same goal in mind when it comes to our blog. I also want to help others heal and encourage them to speak out. I spoke out a year ago. I started my blog a year ago and I thank God I have been getting so many people to follow and are being encouraged by it. I am also majoring in Psychology to become a counselor for victims. I know this is what God called us both to do. Through Him and our experiences we can heal others. God bless you.


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