Love Fearlessly, A Lesson Learned

     I went to a memorial over the weekend for a close family friend of my husband. Sean, in his short 30 years here on earth touched many lives. God gave him a special gift and from what I have seen in meeting him a few times and hearing many stories about him, God gave him the gift of loving fearlessly.  I realize that throughout my life I have loved fearfully. What have I been fearful of? Rejection, disappointment, confrontation, a broken heart, loneliness, anger, bitterness and judgment. In fearing all of these things I held back in my relationships with friends and family. I held back on showing them that I loved them, and I held back on showing them who I really am. In loving these people fearfully I experienced all of those things that I feared the most, judgment, rejection, loneliness, and most of all a broken heart.  I ended up losing friends family and those in my family who were my friends. Fear in those all important relationships contributed to confrontation, anger, disappointment, bitterness and resentments. As a result those relationships fell apart and died. In those times my relationship with God died because I also loved God fearfully.  As I have mended my relationship with God and gave him my fears He shows  me His fearless love for me.  I have a perfect example right in front of me all I have to do is apply that to my relationships.  When I let go and fearlessly love God my marriage is better, my relationships with my family gets stronger and closer.  I begin to reach out to new friends and show them who I really am and I love them fearlessly.  Now I am still learning how to do all of this. I will constantly look to God first to guide me and strengthen me to go from fearfully loving those in my life to loving them fearlessly. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 it says "Three things will last forever-faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love." God puts emphasis on love because it's one of His most precious gifts to us. It's also our greatest weapon against the enemy. He loves us fearlessly and wants us to do the same... Love others fearlessly! This is what Sean did with his life he loved others fearlessly. Sean not only loved his close friends and family but everyone he came in contact with. Most of all he loved his Heavenly Father fearlessly. thank you God for giving Sean this beautiful gift and for allowing Sean to love everyone he came in contact with. What a humbling lesson you have me God. So my friends, family and to the future people that I meet, "I Lisa will constantly strive to love you better and not only by telling you but by showing you!"

    This blog was inspired by God's lesson he wanted me to learn and dedicated to Sean Moses, the Moses family and all of those who loved Sean. Thank you Sean for being an example of fearless faith, hope and love!


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