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"Be on guard, Stand firm in the faith. Be Courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love." 1Cor 16:13-14 NLT  

  I have been writing this blog now for almost a year and a half and each time I write it's healing for my heart.  I look back at where I was when I first posted my story for all of the world to read.  I remember the butterflies in my stomach, the fear that was overwhelming my soul, the negative thoughts coursing through my mind.  Then when I clicked that button and published my story for the first time I remember the healing tears running down my cheeks, the peace that washed over me, and the sense of freedom that I longed for so many years was finally happening.  I knew what God had planned for me, he began restoring my soul and showing me the new life he planned for me.  I trusted in Him and so I followed His lead because I knew that He would be there walking beside me every step of the way. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions as soon as my story was out in the open and I emailed it out to all of the people that were part of my past and present.  I felt naked, exposed, vulnerable and scared, then people began to respond.  God used these people to comfort me by sending me words of encouragement and love.  I kept writing because the weight of my past kept getting lighter and lighter, my act of obedience and surrender was healing and before I knew it I became a new "Lisa".  I looked in the mirror and said goodbye to my 16 yr. old self, God healed her and said that the new Lisa was no longer scared but a confident, redeemed daughter of Christ.  My heart was filled with love and encouragement so I began to put myself out there more.  I started to reach out to other survivors and they answered back.  The comfort of relating and connecting with people who have felt my pain and understood my words that I put down on paper.  They know exactly what I have been through and the connections I have made have been the most rewarding experience of my healing process. 
      I write this blog not only for my own healing but to encourage others to take the first step of freedom from their pain.  Survivors, share your stories and don't live in your silent prison, speak out and free your wounded hearts! God has totally challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and use my voice.  He has given me the courage to tell the truth and put His vision into action. God has given me a purpose that is much bigger than me, and I can't do any of this without Him.  He has put a drive and passion in my heart to help other survivors see that they can live a life of freedom from their trauma.  I am a living testimony of the power of God's love, mercy and grace.  My hope and prayer for this blog is to continue to spread hope for survivors, to raise awareness around the world, and challenge everyone who reads this to get involved. 
     I decided to do something more to get people's attention in my community for this cause, I accepted God's challenge with pleasure.   I had wristbands made to pass out, along with cards that my sister made for me with my blog website, and a good friend of mine helped me with a short mission statement to go along with my "S.A.A.M. Awareness Bracelets".  I will never forget that feeling of excitement when my wristbands came in the mail, the joy I experienced when my mission statement was finalized, and when I got my cards my vision was almost complete.  The day I got my cards I went to the store right after work and got my zip lock baggies to put together my handouts.  I was so excited to do something like this for a cause that I am so passionate about.  My husband and I stayed up late putting together 100 of my bracelets ready to pass out the next day.  As I drove to work I had tears of joy in my eyes, butterflies in my stomach, reality hit me and then came the anxiousness and fear coursing through my body.  I write all of the time and send it out on all of my social networks and blast emails but now I am doing this face to face.  I am vulnerable to rejection and judgment I am about to put myself out there in front of my co-workers.  I closed my eyes and asked God to be with me as I handed out my bracelets.   


     I handed out the first one and the woman I gave it to looked up at me, smiled and said she would be happy to wear it.  Whew! Bullet dodged...One good reaction down hopefully more to go! I gave out the second one and it sparked a conversation and gave me the opportunity to share my story.  As the day went on I was more and more surprised by the support of my co-workers and willingness to wear the bracelets  At lunch I went to the church where my Mom works and I attend.  I began passing them out to people that I know and then to people that I didn't.  I went to the mailboxes and put them in all of the Pastor's boxes, I want them to know what this month is.  All 100 bracelets and cards that I intended to.  I have 200 more to go and I hope that it gets people's attention in my community.  I will definitely let you know what happens as I step out in faith and get people talking about Sexual Assault. I am excited to do this and follow through on the challenge that God has put in front of me, He is walking beside me and he won't let me fall. 

     I want to challenge all of the brave survivors out there to use their voices.  Share your stories, don't base your self worth on what happened to you, most of all don't let your past define you and imprison you  Be Bold! Be Courageous! Please know that you are beautiful, strong and worthy of pure genuine love! You are all of these things because God loves you, He created you in His image and He promises to walk beside you... FOREVER!  I speak from experience when I tell you that this won't be easy, it's scary putting yourself out there.  That fear and vulnerability will be a trigger at first, but take a moment, close your eyes and ask God to walk with you and guide you.  The next time you put yourself out there it won't be so scary, you will keep moving forward and you will want to keep speaking out because the rewards are humbling and healing.  You will look in the mirror and say goodbye to your old scared self and be a new person with a new confidence! The next time you look in the mirror you will look up with a bright smile and joy will wash over your entire body!


  1. your such an inspiration and so brave :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am not the only brave one, you are an inspiration to me too.


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