Shout Out!

Hello Everyone!

I have not forgotten about all of you. God has put me in a holding period, and I hope to be back writing regularly again very soon.

Today, I wanted to share a link for my dear friend Jamie Hindman. She boldly went on TV to share her passion for her Ministry, Divine. She shared initimate details about her story and has been boldy following God in His plans for her story to be heard. Please view, and share! Spread the hope, and let the broken know that Jesus loves them!


You continue to inspire me everyday! You give me hope that my story will be heard one day too! I just need to trust in God and follow him with all my heart and soul. I feel honored to watch you grow and see how God paved a path for you. You followed and obeyed Him, and He is walking with you hand in hand smiling down his beautiful daughter. You have shared your story and God washed away the shame from your past, you are living your redemption in christ out loud.

May God continue to shower you with His blessings, and keep you protected!

Your Sister in Christ

If you are interested in getting involved or donating to Jaime's cause please go to the link below:!

Happy Holidays


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